Fileset Properties dialog box

The Fileset Properties dialog box is used to name the fileset, specify a method for deriving raw variables, manage Dataflow window transducer creation and allow a fileset time adjustment to be specified.

To display the Fileset Properties dialog box:

  • On the Fileset menu, click Fileset Properties.

It is also automatically displayed when you create a new fileset (refer to Creating, renaming and deleting filesets).




Enter a name or accept the default.

See also: Supported characters for names.

Derive raw variables

The setting is available when there are no data files in the fileset.

Derive raw variable methods include:

  • Using transducer frequency
  • This method considers transducer number, channel number and transducer frequency when deriving raw variables.
  • Using transducer/channel number
  • This method considers transducer number and channel number when deriving raw variables.
  • Pre-Echoview 9 EV files are assigned this method.

For examples of how these methods assign ping data refer to About filesets: Deriving raw variables.

Create and/or associate transducers based on frequency when new raw variables are derived

This setting is available to existing or new EV files. Select this setting to create transducers based on transducer frequency when new raw variables are derived. The transducers are displayed, with fileset and transducer frequency information, on the Dataflow window.

Adjust fileset time

The fileset time may be adjusted for a specified start time, or with a time offset. The time offset is used if two sets of data have been recorded from devices whose time base differs.

No modification means the fileset time is unadjusted.

Specify start time sets the start time (yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.sss).

Apply time offset inserts a time shift.

Add offsets forward in time.

Subtract offsets back in time.

The time shift is specified by values for:

  • Days
  • Hours
  • Minutes
  • Seconds
  • Milliseconds

This works similarly to the Ping time shift operator's Shift pings by time setting.


Annotations can be entered.

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