Regions page

The Regions page of the Variable Properties dialog box or the Variable Properties - Multiple Variables Selected dialog box is used to select which region classes are visible for a particular variable and how regions are created if at all, during live viewing.

Visible region classes

All region classes in the EV file are listed. Only the classes that are selected will be displayed for this variable.

Region classes that are not visible for a variable will not be used when processing or integrating that variable. 


  • If you have bad data regions within a class that is not visible then the bad data regions of that class will not be applied to the data when integrating.
  • Use Show all or Hide all to select or clear region class visibility.
  • On multibeam echograms, 3D regions are displayed as region-ping intersections.

Live viewing

Configure school detection while live viewing here (for supported data formats).



Automatically detect schools during live viewing

If selected Echoview will automatically detect 2D schools whenever new data arrives during live viewing.

Assign class

Specify the region class to be assigned to detected schools.

Detection settings

Click to display the Schools page of the EV File Properties dialog box.

Run classification after detection

Select this setting to classify detected school regions with Rules. Refer to Classify regions for more information.


Click to display the Classes page of the EV File Properties dialog box.

Note: The rate at which data arrives can influence performance significantly (schools are re-detected every time new data arrives). See Using Echolog 500 or Using Echolog 60 for information on how to adjust this rate.

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