Future developments

Echoview Software is committed to the continuous improvement of Echoview. Echoview's development cycle consists of:

  1. Each release is planned, taking into consideration user requests, feedback and suggestions with respect to Echoview Software's planning themes for Echoview, and the constraints of the development cycle.
  2. During development of each release, feature development is regularly reassessed and reprioritized in response to available resources. Features may be added to the release, or postponed from the release as permitted or required by schedule constraints.

Customers who have Echoview Maintenance and Technical Support from Echoview Software are entitled to free upgrades. The initial purchase of an Echoview module includes 12 months MATS unless stated otherwise.

We are interested to hear your opinions on features, if added to Echoview, that would enhance your work or provide avenues to expand your work.

As always we will be implementing a range of specific requests and other useful items with general appeal. We look forward to bringing you yet another value-packed Echoview release.

We also seek feedback about your requirements and future plans. Suggestions for specific features and outlines of your future data processing priorities are always welcome, and can benefit the whole community. Please continue to send your suggestions and ideas to support@echoview.com

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