Calibration settings for Kongsberg M3 data and Flexview data

This page describes the settings, necessary to an Echoview calculation, on the Calibration page of the Variable Properties dialog box for acoustic variables derived from M3 data files and acoustic variables derived from .imb files that were created by converting Kongsberg Flexview .mmb data.

We recommend you assess the suitability of the settings available on the Calibration pages for each acoustic variable. Quantitative calculation/analysis requires calibrated data which is achieved using correct calibration setting values (rather than default values). An ECS file enables you to modify calibration settings for variables in a fileset.

Changes in calibration settings used for range calculations may shift ping data in the depth dimension but will not automatically adjust the position of regions and lines. You should review any existing regions and lines to ensure they are still valid. For more information refer to Range calculation effects on regions and lines.

Note: Data file values that have been used since the data was loaded or the ECS file was added, saved or removed are displayed in black text. Default values that have been used are displayed in orange text. Data file or ECS values that have been read but not used are displayed in gray text. Read About calibration settings for further information.

Table legend


Setting is used in calculating data point values or ranges as indicated by the column heading.


Setting is not used in calculating data point values (when green background) or ranges (when blue background) but may be used for other purposes, see Additional uses of Calibration settings


Setting is not available for this variable

magnitude beamformed pings, Sv pings, unspecified dB pings

A transducer can be selected in order to apply transducer geometry to the echogram. However, note that the 3dB beam angle setting is not used. Schools variables are not corrected for beam width. There is no correction for beam shape in 3D school detection.

Echoview uses the signal magnitudes stored in the data files and the Multibeam magnitudes to Sv algorithm to derive the Sv beamformed pings variable. This variable can utilize calibration settings for each beam (BeamOffsets) or apply a value that will be applied to all beams (CalibrationOffset). These settings can be set with an ECS file which must be added to a fileset.


  • When specifying per-beam calibration, it is good practice to verify the settings for the correct number of beams.


Data point values

Sv frames

Unspecified dB frames

magnitude beamformed pings

Calibration page of Variable Properties dialog box












From data file







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