About multibeam targets

Multibeam targets can be detected in multibeam data with the Multibeam target detection operator. Detected multibeam targets are viewed in echograms of multibeam target detection variables. The Target conversion operator converts multibeam target data to a single target format.

Such target data are not classic single target data as discussed in About single targets. The discussion and warnings that accompany the Target conversion operator highlight the difference between multibeam targets in single target format and normal single targets. The conversion to the single target format maintains the links to specified target properties (both calculated and manually assigned). The two important differences are that:

  1. The multibeam target detection TS source value used to calculate a TS-like value for a target is not equal to the single target definition of TS.
  2. The range of the multibeam target is equal to the range of converted single target. However the depth of the multibeam target is not equal to the depth of the converted single target.

Nevertheless, (multibeam) target data in single target format can utilize Echoview's:

These features combined with:

provide powerful and flexible analysis tools for targets detected in multibeam data.

For further discussions on techniques to process multibeam data for target analysis refer to Echoview's tutorial material:

  • IntroToMultibeamTargetDataProcessing.exe - a full guide to techniques applied to DIDSON data processing.

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