About media data

Video, image and echogram data can be acquired at the same location and at the same time. The combination of measurements and co-incident visual information can offer wider opportunities for analysis. Such opportunities may include: visual identification of sea bed or environmental features, visual verification (ground truth) for numerical data, emergent information about the bathymetry.

A Media window displays video data or image data that has been added to a fileset. Synchronization of video, image and echogram data is enabled by the auto-synchronization tool Auto sync button. Where media data are recorded from a towed body, Echoview supports the synchronization of such media data with echogram data.

video demo

Figure 1: A screen shot displaying an image and video frame auto-synchronized with Simrad EK60 data. Marker regions indicate pings of interest.

For more information refer to Using video data and Using image data.

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