Using video data

No license is required to display video data. However, video and associated echogram data can be auto-synchronized. This feature can facilitate visual and analytical analyses.

See also Synchronizing towed body media with echograms.

Preparing video data for auto-synchronous display

  1. Create an EPJ file for every video file you want to auto-synchronize with echogram data.
  2. Ensure the EPJ files are in the same folder as the video files.
  3. Add related video files to a fileset.
  4. On the Fileset window select a Video variable and click the Media button.
  5. Display associated echogram data.
  6. Click Auto sync button to place the echogram window in the auto-synchronization group.
  7. Place the Media window in the auto-synchronization group Auto sync button.
  8. Drag the Media window slider or drag the echogram synchronization-line.


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