New for users of data from Simrad echosounders

Note: Simrad is a subsidiary of Kongsberg. See also New for users of Kongsberg echosounders

This page summarizes the new features, improvements and other changes that have been implemented in Echoview 4.90 which specifically affect the use of data from Simrad echosounders.

ME70 file format support

ME70 Beam steering angles and other beam related information are now interpreted from the data file, applied to data, and displayed in the Details window. This new beam steering support will invalidate the prior workaround to manage beam steering (beam pointing). ME70 users whose EV files were created prior to Echoview 4.90 and used a separate transducer for each single beam variable are advised to create one new transducer that can manage all raw variables.

Echoview also supports heading data output by the Applanix POS/MV instrument.

ME70 users will benefit from several other Echoview enhancements and design changes in this release. The export of Georeferenced samples may be very useful when analyzing data in spatial context. View an example of ME70 data in Eonfusion.

Also note the possible implications of the ME70 Start and Stop range bug fix.

Improved handling of corrupt telegrams in Ex60 data

Echoview now reads and uses Ex60 data up to the penultimate point where the first corrupt data is encountered. The data file is marked with an icon in the Filesets window and a message is sent to the Message dialog box. Other forms of data corruption (incorrect telegram size, zeros to the end of the file) are similarly flagged as Echoview scans the file looking for valid data it can read and display.

Additional documentation

A note has been added to the Calibrating an Echosounder page to clarify that you can use the auto-calibration feature and set Echoview to use the calibration settings from first ping for Simrad Ex60 data. Refer to Calibration settings for Ex60 echosounders for more information.

Bug fix for Ex60 EV files

A bug has been fixed for Ex60 EV files containing marker regions. The bug caused EVI files to be ignored. The fix will improve Echoview performance for Ex60 EV files containing marker regions.

Calibration offset bug fix for SP70 data

A Calibration offset bug for SP70 Sv ping raw variables is fixed. Calibration offset (dB) on the Calibration 2 page of the Variable Properties dialog box is now correctly applied. Previously the setting was not used in calculations.

See also: New features in Echoview 4.90 for a description of changes that may affect you but are not specific to data from Simrad echosounders.