Exporting surfaces

You can export surfaces from the Dataflow window in the following formats:



*surface.csv file

A comma separated text file that contains the following data for each point in the surface:

  • Latitude (decimal degrees)

  • Longitude (decimal degrees)

  • Depth (m)

Note: The file can be edited and imported into Echoview.

*.wrl file

A VRML world file that allows the surface to be viewed in a 3D environment using a VRML viewer.

To export a surface:

  1. On the Dataflow window click a surface object.
  2. On the Shortcut menu select Export, 3D Object.
  3. On the Export ObjectName dialog box, specify the file path and file name. You may also specify the file type.
    1. Detected surface data and Surface created from a line data offer two file types: .surface.csv or .wrl.
    2. Virtual surface data are exported under the .wrl format.
  4. Click Save.


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