About Echoview utilities

Echoview's utility programs are designed to enhance your user experience and assist in checking, viewing, processing and managing your hydroacoustic data.

The following programs are included when Echoview is installed:


Echolog is designed to enable real-time viewing and processing of data from selected Simrad, BioSonics, Kongsberg and Sound Metrics echosounders and sonars.

Echolog 500

Echolog 500 enables real-time viewing and processing of data from Simrad EX500 echosounders.


Echocheck scans and tests the contents and quality of data files from many echosounder and sonar file formats that are compatible with Echoview.

Echocalc GPS

Echocalc GPS generates CSV data in Echoview's ASCII GPS file format.


Echocoastline converts point files to Mapinfo Data Interchange format.


Echocolor defines and edits Echoview color schemes.

Sonar calculator

The Sonar Calculator calculates sound speed and absorption coefficient.

Additional downloads

The following utility programs are available for download from the Echoview website.

Downloads for the inbuilt color schemes and ES60adjust can be found on the Latest Version of Echoview download page.


Echoexplore helps you manage, catalog and browse large numbers of hydroacoustic data files.

Inbuilt color schemes

Selected color schemes that can be edited using Echocolor.


ES60adjust corrects the triangle-wave error in Simrad ES60 data. Copyright © CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research.

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