Import Surface dialog box

The Import Surface dialog box is used to import a surface into your EV file.

To display the Import Surface dialog box:

  1. On the File menu select Import.
  2. Under the Import File dialog box, File format list select a surface file format then select a file.
  3. Click Open.

The Import Surface dialog box contains the following settings:



Surface name

Enter a name for the surface you are importing.

Max triangulation distance (m)

Enter the maximum allowable distance between points in the surface.

Where this distance is exceeded a gap will be displayed in the surface.

Object coloring by intensity

If the surface is being imported from an xyzi file, the Object coloring by intensity area will be displayed. Use the following settings to set the intensity color display settings for the surface:

  • Color display minimum - Sets the value below which all intensity values will be displayed in the Below threshold color of the selected color scheme.  

  • Color display range - Sets the range of intensity values which are mapped to the selected color scheme. All values above (Color display minimum + Color display range) will be displayed in the color schemes Above (threshold + range) color.

  • Color scheme - Sets the color scheme that is used to color scheme the object.

  • Select Alternate palette to use the alternate palette defined for this color scheme.

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