Integration Results dialog box

The Integration Results dialog box displays integration results for selected regions or selections or cells. The dialog box can be left open and will update itself with respect to a requested onscreen analysis. Linking is available for regions and selections, so that the display of integration results updates automatically for subsequent regions and selections. In addition, the dialog box will respond to regions selected on the Region browser.

To display the Integration Results dialog box:

See Cell integration

- OR -

See Region integration

- OR -

See Selection integration

The following information and settings are available:


Displays the variable for the selected integration results.

Page tab

Displays the region name or type of integration (Selection or Cell) for the selected integration.

The page displays the results of the requested integration:


Select Linked to link the displayed results to the currently activated region or selection. The displayed results will update as you select subsequent regions or selections of the echogram.

Notes: With Linked selected, the dialog box will respond to the activated region on the Region browser and the Regions window.

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