About the Regions window

The Regions window displays details of all defined regions in the EV file and options are available to activate regions, rename regions and delete regions. The tally and region type of selected regions is displayed in Panel 1 of the Status bar.

To display the Regions window:

  • On the View menu, click Regions.

- OR -

  • Click regions tool on the Windows and dialog boxes toolbar.

There are seven columns of information displayed (see About regions for further information):

  • ID is a Unique Region Identifier.
  • Name is the Region name.
  • Selected displays a tick when the region is active on an echogram.
  • Class is the Region class.
  • Type is the Region Type.
  • Notes are the Notes associated with the region. Notes are added using the Region Browser or outside of Echoview (on exported Region Definitions).
  • Start details the date and time of the first ping in the region.
  • End details the date and time of the last ping in the region.
  • Dimension is the Region dimension.
  • Detection Settings are the region detection settings associated with the region. Information can include school detection settings and/or fish track detection settings.

The list can be sorted by each of the columns by clicking on the column label.

Activated regions

Clicking on a particular line will select that region in the Regions window.

Double-clicking on a line will activate the selected region. Activated regions will appear on echograms with an outline 1-pixel wider than other regions and are the current region for analysis and export.

Open echograms will synchronize to display the activated region if Synchronize echograms to activated region is selected on the Interface page of the Echoview Configuration dialog box.

Shortcut menu operations

With the Regions window in focus it is possible to select a region and right-click. The following options are available:


Changing the Name of the region is possible by selecting the region and right-clicking. Choose Rename from the Shortcut menu (right-click).


Choosing Delete from the Shortcut menu (right-click) will delete the selected region(s) from the EV file.

Select All

Selects all regions in the Regions window.


Choosing Activate from the Shortcut menu (right-click) makes the selected region active for analysis, export and synchronizing.

Activate Next

Choosing Activate Next from the Shortcut menu (right-click) activates the next region.

Tip: Use the keyboard shortcut F to scroll through regions.

Activate Previous

Choosing Activate Previous from the Shortcut menu (right-click) activates the previous region.

Tip: Use the keyboard shortcut R to scroll in the reverse direction.

Linked region analysis results

The Regions window can be used to scroll through region analyses on an echogram. When viewing either the Integration Results dialog box or Analysis Results dialog box, select Linked to use this feature. As you activate new regions, the Results dialog box will update automatically for the activated region.

Note: If more than one echogram is open, analysis results are calculated using the most recently active echogram.

3D region synchronization with multibeam echograms

Synchronize 3D regions on multibeam echograms through active 3D regions in the Regions window. The first multibeam ping that the 3D region intersects is displayed.

  1. Display multibeam echograms and open the Regions window.
  2. On the Regions window, double click a 3D region or you can use the Regions window shortcuts to activate a region and move to the next and prior 3D region.

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