Media Position page

The Media Position page of the Variable Properties dialog box is available to media variables on the Dataflow window or the Filesets window. The settings control the display of media in the Media window. See also: Synchronizing towed body media data with echograms: Assumptions and diagram.

Tow point

The platform tow point offset is located from the platform system reference and to the tow point.



X-alongship offset (m)

X -axis tow point offset value in meters. Negative towards the aft.

Z-vertical offset (m)

Z-axis tow point offset value in meters. Negative is up and positive down.

Tow line

The tow line is relative to the tow point and in the alongship direction.



Fixed length (m)

Select and specify a value for a fixed tow line length (m).

Varying length (m)

Use the Varying length list to specify a length variable derived from tow line length data.

Towed media source

Depth in meters of the media recording source, relative to the water surface.



Fixed depth (m)

Select and specify a value for a fixed depth for the media source.

Varying depth (m)

Use the Varying depth list to specify a line that represents the varying depth of the towed body.

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