About the integram

Echoview integrams display the results of an integram analysis of the echogram. Visual information from an integram analysis can speed up the assessment and analysis of echograms. Anomalous data can be easier to locate under a favorable combination of integram analysis type and Color legend. The integram area is described in Understanding echograms: Integram area. Integram settings are specified on the Echogram display page of the Variable Properties dialog box.

Ping status integram

A Ping status integram analysis displays a user assigned (and defined) color for time intervals over the echogram.

Sv integram

An Sv integram analysis displays a value for each ping. The value is displayed as a color from the echogram's Color legend located at the position of the ping. Sv integram analysis boundaries are affected by the Exclude Above and the Exclude Below lines on the Analysis page of the Variable Properties dialog box. This allows you to constrain an Sv integram analysis to the data between two lines.

Available integram analyses include:

Analysis type

Available from

Additional feature

Integram Ping status

Sv echograms (single beam)

TS echograms (single beam)


Integram Mean Sv

Sv echograms (single beam)

Find Next integram value

Integram Maximum Sv

Sv echograms (single beam)

Find Next integram value

To set up an integram analysis refer to Using the integram.

Bottom classification integram

A bottom classification integram displays bottom class colors from a specified bottom points variable.

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