Calibration settings for single target virtual variables

Calibration settings, necessary to an Echoview calculation, for virtual variables created using the single target detection operators are listed on this page.

We recommend you assess the suitability of the settings available on the Calibration page for the virtual variable. Quantitative calculation/analysis requires calibrated data which is achieved using correct calibration setting values (rather than default values). An ECS file enables you to modify calibration settings for variables in a fileset and virtual variables in an EV file.

Note: The (red) default values on the Calibration pages are for illustration purposes only and may applicable for the variable. Read About calibration settings for further information.

See Calibration settings for virtual variables for further information about virtual variable calibration.

The table below lists specific settings and how they are used:

  • Settings that are used to calculate the data point value are indicated with a P.
  • Settings not used for data point calculation may be used for other calculations.

Some settings may not be available for all variables. We recommend you fill in all settings available on the Calibration pages for each variable.


Data point value











Additional notes for single target virtual variables:

See Single target detection algorithms for more information.

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