About single target analysis

Single targets may be analyzed over analysis domain(s). The resulting single targets analysis variables may be viewed on-screen or exported to .csv files.

Warning: Single targets are positioned on echograms using Target_on_axis_depth not Target_true_depth. All depth related calculations are made using Target_true_depth. See About single target depths before interpreting depth related information.

Refer to the settings on the analyis page of the Variable Properties dialog box that affect your results, and the settings on the Export page of the EV File Properties dialog box to configure your analysis export results.

The pre-Echoview 5 Logged Draft setting may have affected results.

On-screen analyses

On-screen analysis reports analysis results in a dialog box on the screen and marks the analyzed part of the echogram with hatching. It is possible to analyze selections, regions or cells on-screen.

To analyze single targets on-screen:

  1. Point to the required selection, region or cell.
  2. On the Shortcut (right-click) menu, click one of the following:
    • Analyze Selection
    • Analyze Region
    • Analyze Cell

See Analyze Cell dialog box, Analyze Region dialog box, Analyze Selection dialog box for more information.

Exporting analyses

Single targets analysis variables can be exported to .csv file(s) on the basis of regions, cells or regions-by-cells.

The exported data include the number of targets in the domain, the average depth/range of targets in the domain, the mean of the compensated TS values of the single targets in the domain, empty pings (optional) etc. See single target analysis variables single target analysis variables for a full list of the variables that are exported.

To export single target analysis:

On the Echogram menu point to Export

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Select Analysis by Regions, Single targets
    • Select Analysis by Cells, Single targets
    • Select Analysis by Regions by Cells, Single targets

See Exporting single targets analysis for more information.


The following data are not considered during single target analysis:

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