About Echoview modules

The Echoview application is modular and you can choose which modules you wish to license. Unlicensed modules will run in demonstration mode which enables some use of features; time limits or specific restrictions may be imposed, such as the inability to export analysis results to computer files. Refer to the demonstration mode for more information. An Evaluation license is available to explore Echoview licensed features. For further information please contact: sales@echoview.com.

Echoview module diagram Automation module Media module Advanced Operators module Multibeam Fish Tracking module Fish Tracking module Multibeam School Detection module School Detection module Live Viewing module Habitat Classification module Echoview Essentials module

Getting started with Echoview

These modules can be used with no prerequisites:

Getting more out of Echoview

The Echoview Essentials module must be licensed to purchase any of these modules:

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