About Echoview modules

Echoview's licensing is modular and you can choose which modules you wish to license based on your data processing requirements.

Evaluation licenses are available to explore Echoview's licensed features. For further information please contact: info@echoview.com.

Unlicensed modules will run in demonstration mode with varied restrictions. Refer to the demonstration mode page for more details.

Echoview's suites

  • Analysis Suite
  • Designed those needing the full power of Echoview and its extensive tools for exploring, processing, and analyzing hydroacoustic data. Includes the Essentials module.
  • Survey Suite
  • Designed to support the collection, visualization and cataloging of echosounder and sonar data, whether in the field or in the office.
  • Habitat Classification
  • Characterize and classify the nature of submerged vegetation and the bottom from echosounder backscatter measurements.

Echoview modules

Modules can be added to the Analysis Suite to increase your processing capabilities.

  • Essentials
  • Read data and display echograms from supported systems. Detect the bottom and surface, and define other reference lines. Create 3D digital terrain models of the seabed and 3D displays of map data. Perform quality control, conduct analyses on data, and export results for use elsewhere. The Essentials module is the core of the Analysis Suite.
  • Automation
  • Automate data processing using a language of your choice (COM interface supplied).
  • Advanced Operators
  • Manipulate data by creating new echograms from existing ones using advanced operators and algorithms. Compare frequencies, apply quality controls, classify data, interpret and apply Python source files, and more.
  • Fish Tracking
  • Detect and analyze the tracks of individual fish and other targets in single- and split-beam data. Count fish and examine their behavior over time.
  • School Detection
  • Detect and analyze fish schools or bubble aggregations in single- and split-beam data.
  • Multibeam Fish Tracking
  • Detect, track, and analyze individual fish targets in data from multibeam systems, including imaging sonars. Fish tracking in data from single- and split-beam systems is also featured in this module.
  • Multibeam School Detection
  • Detect, track, and analyze fish schools or bubble aggregations in multibeam data.
  • Survey Suite
  • Read data and display echograms from supported systems. Save echograms as image files. Annotate echograms using regions, and export annotation logs. Display and explore echograms, cruise tracks and 3D curtains from existing supported data files, or in real time from selected Simrad, BioSonics, Sound Metrics and Kongsberg echosounders and sonars. Includes a license for Echoexplore, a tool to catalog and view hydroacoustic data files. The Survey Suite can be purchased as a stand-alone module or combined with the Analysis Suite.
  • Habitat Classification
  • Detect and analyze submerged aquatic vegetation in single and split beam data, then export results. Detect, analyze, and classify the bottom substrate in single and split beam data for seabed characterization and habitat mapping purposes, then view and export classification results. The Habitat Classification can be purchased as a stand-alone module or combined with the Analysis Suite.

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