Fish Tracking module

The Fish Tracking module allows you to:

  • Detect and analyze tracks of individual fishes and other targets from single and split beam data.
  • Count fishes and examine their behavior.

This module is particularly useful for data collected from fixed transducers in rivers, as well as mobile transducers in lakes and marine waters.

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Fish track editing

Figure 1. Screencast of fish track detection and fish track editing.

Specific features

  • Operators licensed with the Fish Tracking module.
  • Detect fish tracks using 2D or 4D algorithms.
  • Edit fish tracks manually.
  • Plot the 3D positions of fish tracks relative to the acoustic beam.
  • Plot informative 2D projection graphs of fish movements.
  • Calculate many track parameters including swimming speed, direction of travel, mean TS, track tortuosity and many more.
  • Create 3D fish tracks.
  • Export fish track data for analyses in other software.
  • Export data from operators licensed with the Fish Tracking module.
  • Note: In a virtual variable chain, the final variable in the chain is subject to the licensing conditions of any previous operators in the chain.

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