About 3D school detection

Echoview allows you to detect schools or large targets from multibeam data, obtained while cruise scanning, instrument scanning or target-locked scanning.

The resulting schools or targets can be viewed as 3D regions in scenes and multibeam echograms. The properties of 3D objects can be displayed on screen and exported for further analysis.

Four distinct algorithms are available for 3D school detection based upon the scanning mode used in collecting the data. They are:

Summary information about the availability and applicability of these algorithms is found on the About school detection algorithms page. Research on scanning modes and school detection algorithms may also be of interest.

In the example below, two schools are displayed along with the sea bottom. The two schools were detected from the same data using different settings. The school detected using the more relaxed settings (the blue school) has been made partially transparent so the school detected with the more tightly defined settings (the orange school) is visible within it.


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