Alongtrack Display page

The Alongtrack Display page of the Variable Properties dialog box is used to control the way data is displayed for the alongtrack display of an Sv variable. To display an along track cruise track, on the Filesets window, select an Sv variable, configure a display grid and select Cruisetrack. Or use View menu > Cruise Track > Acoustic Variable and set a grid for the Alongtrack variable.

The settings in the following sections are available:




Show grid

Check this box to display grid lines on the alongtrack display, and leave it unchecked to view the display without grid lines.

Note: This setting will only affect the alongtrack display, and not any open echogram.

Show scale bar

Select to display the scale bar.

Show zoom controls

Select to display zoom controls.

Show synchronized position

Select to display the cross-hair position when auto-synchronized.

Show transects

Visualize transects on the cruisetrack display.

Show transect labels

Display the transect name.

Cruise track



Along-track analysis

Choose an analysis for alongtrack display.

Along-track width

Sets the width (in pixels) of the alongtrack cruise track that will be displayed for the variable.

Cruise track colors



Color display minimum

Sets the value below which all data values will be displayed in the Below threshold color of the selected color scheme.

Color display range

Sets the range of data values which are mapped to the selected color scheme. All values above (Color display minimum + Color display range) will be displayed in the color schemes Above (threshold + range) color.

Color scheme

Choose from pre-defined or customized color schemes.

User-defined color schemes can be created and edited with the Echocolor application supplied with Echoview. Note that if you add, remove or change the color-scheme files in this folder you will need to restart Echoview before those changes take effect.

Note: If a custom color scheme has the same name as a predefined color scheme, its name will have " (.evc file)" appended to it to denote this. See About color schemes for further information.

Note: The three cruise track color settings are only available for some analysis variables. Alongtrack displays of Mean Sv, Minimum Sv, and Maximum Sv are displayed with the Echogram color settings. Alongtrack displays of ping status display the user-defined colors.

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