Habitat Classification module

The Habitat Classification module allows you to:

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Scott lake bottom classification

Figure 1. Scott Lake bottom classification with 14 substrate classes. Image shows bottom classification graph, cruise track, results table, video and Sv echogram with bottom classification integram. Thanks to Milne Technologies for the echogram and video data.

Figure 2. Threshold Offset operator used to detect submerged vegetation (top left), which is then masked (top right) and viewed as a curtain draped over the detected lake floor in a 3D scene (bottom). Threshold Offset lines may be used for Vegetation analysis exports.

Specific features

Data files and echograms

Cruise track and maps

Lines and regions


Operators licensed with the Habitat Classification module.


Classify bottom



Note: Auto-synchronization between echogram, bottom classification cruise track and concurrent or geo-located video allows you to synthesize geographic, video and hydroacoustic data information.

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