Windows and dialog boxes toolbar

The Windows and dialog boxes toolbar contains buttons for displaying commonly used dialog boxes and windows. They are available according to context.

Toolbar buttons

Icon Name Shortcut Key Description
EV file properties tool EV file properties F6 Opens the EV File Properties dialog box.
Variable properties tool Variable properties F8 Opens the Variable Properties dialog box.
Scene properties tool Scene properties F8 Opens the Scene Properties dialog box for a selected scene.
Variables and geometry tool Dataflow F7 Opens the Dataflow window.
Filesets tool Filesets F10 Opens the Filesets window.
Regions tool Regions   Opens the Regions window.
Region browser tool Region browser F4 Opens the Region Browser dialog box.
Message bar tool Message   Opens the Message dialog box.
Live viewing tool Live viewing   Opens the Live viewing dialog box.
Information bar tool Details   Opens the Details dialog box.
Console Console CTRL + F6 Opens the Console dialog box.

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