Variable Properties dialog box

The Variable Properties dialog box is used to control the way a variable is calibrated, analyzed, displayed, etc. Each variable in the EV file has its own Variable Properties settings that are entered separately.

To display the Variable Properties dialog box:

Note: The Command Interface displays and can export Variable Properties to a text file.

The Variable Properties dialog box can contain the following pages:


To view and modify variable property settings

Multiple Variables Selected

The Variable Properties of multiple variables may be changed under a single Variable Properties dialog box. Check boxes beside settings are used to indicate the shared Variable Properties.

To share Variable Properties:

  1. On the Dataflow window, select multiple variables, on the Shortcut menu select Variable Properties.

Supported settings include:


When the multiple Variable Properties dialog box is initially opened and the Properties aren't shared a default value is used:

The Data page value for the Maximum threshold or Minimum threshold under Lock to color display minimum is set once on initial use of the Multiple Variable Properties dialog box. Subsequent changes to the Echogram Display Color display minimum are not passed on to multiple Variable Properties. Be aware that to achieve the correct result under a shared Lock to color display minimum, the Echogram Display Echogram colors settings for the selected variables must agree.

A Regions page region class can be denoted as (in use by operator) and be unsupported for multiple Variable Properties. This occurs when a selected variable uses a region class as in the case of a Region bitmap virtual variable.

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