Data processing workflow

A common sequence of processing steps—or workflow—can be applied to the recorded data from any single beam echosounder or multibeam echosounder for any water-column application (such as coastal reef fish studies, open ocean fish stock surveys, fish passage in rivers, plankton studies, etc.).

Echoview's suggested data processing workflow serves as a useful checklist to ensure that the necessary processing steps are carried out in an appropriate and logical order.

Echoview training bases its materials around the workflow.

Data exploration

Load, organize, visualize, inspect.

Data calibration

Sample location, time, range, depth and backscattering strength.

Data cleaning

Unwanted samples, variance, noise, attenuation, motion etc.

Target detection and tracking

Point, bottom line/surface and volume targets.

Target classification

Multifrequency analysis, image analysis etc.

Target characterization

Calculation and export of target metrics.

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