Essentials module

The Essentials module allows you to:

Note: If your format is not already supported, Echoview is able to read data written to the Echoview Data File Format. Please contact Echoview support to obtain the Echoview Data File Format Definition document and to discuss adding support.

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St Helen's Hill single beam schools

Figure 1. Single beam data with impulse noise removed, and the associated cruise track around a sea mount. The echogram shows all data using the Zoom to Extents feature. The scene displays a water surface, cruise track, a surface created from the bottom line (that outlines the sea mount) and an echogram curtain showing fish schools around the sea mount. The impulse noise removal operator is used under demonstration mode.

4S window with rockfish school

Figure 2. A 4D window with ME70 georeferenced samples depicting a rockfish school in multibeam data. The green line represents the cruise track. Changes in the display threshold reveal schools. The 4D window allows you to zoom, rotate around samples and pan.

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Data files and echograms

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Analysis of Sv and single target data




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